How To Select The Right Plumbing Company?

Home life becomes riddled by domestic concerns that homeowners are not able to fix. For example, plumbing is one of these services because of the significant problems you experience at home. Most of the homes suffer from small leaks. However, some of these become manageable, and others become significant problems. Due to such common plumbing problems, you should know plumbing companies in your area.

There are general guidelines that you need to select the right plumbing company. In the article, I will walk you on the process you can get the right company:

  • Credentials

Even though it looks like an obvious precaution, there are some home owned that relies on what they are told instead of certificates and accreditation? So, the plumbing service you can choose will need to be having the business license for operation. Besides, individual certificates and licensing are essential.

When you see credentials, you are sure that the services you will pay for are legal. It would be vital to choose a Plumber Melbourne  with essential credentials.

  • Insurance

The other way that you will have a guarantee that you are dealing with a reputable company to help you with plumbing services is through insurance. For professionals, they will invest in insurance to ensure they have covered any possible losses and damages while working.

If the company knows that it is ready to work with people who are concerned with their assets and liabilities, then it should have insurance. Pick an insured company for prevention of losses.

  • Rates

The plumbing firm you choose should be able to be giving you a close estimate or accurate quote after they survey the job. Also, the company has to upfront the rates so they can avoid surprise charges. You have to be cautious because there might arise unforeseen complications while working. It will mean you need extra charges. It, therefore, means a transparent and trustworthy plumber will explain the charges.

  • Online Reviews And Testimonials

Currently, word of mouth is taking the form like online reviews. Jn case the plumbing company has credible online reviews, then you can know that it’s trustworthy, but the reviews are reflecting high quality services.

In most times, it’s the quality of labor that they are reflecting. The reviews are available on the website. Also, remember they can post stellar testimonials. It’s is therefore advisable to look for these reviews on the public domains. In realistic, you have to expect bad reviews and especially on the aforementioned public sites. However, as long as the majority of them are credible and gives substantial insight, you can hire the company.

  • Emergency Plumbing Services

If the company is the best, it should go for an extra mile. In looking for the top best company with high quality plumbing services, look for a company offering emergency services. If you get exigent scenarios such as gas leaks, they won’t wait for even daylight. It would be advisable if one can get a plumbing company offering emergency services. These are some of the potentially dead crises to be highly concerned.

Wayne CDUCAP995 Sump Pump Reviews

As most customers who have purchased a pump in the past pointed out, when disaster strikes, you will simply not have enough time on your hands to wait for the spare parts to be delivered. This is actually an issue for sumps pumps purchased online that break down or have problems expulsing the water in your home following a flood. However, you will be glad to know that this is not the case with the Wayne CDUCAP995 Switch Genius Technology Sump Pump. In fact, the design of this sump pump model guarantees that by comparison to its counterparts, it can and will last nearly five times longer!

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Moreover, in addition to the enhanced resilience, the Wayne performs the water removal tasks with superior efficiency, meaning between 3.5 and 4.5 thousand gallons every hour, a quantity dependant on the lift. While it is no wonder that the electrical Wayne model has been among the top sellers of this company, it is also necessary to point out that the switch technology has been developed in-house and is part of Wayne’s patents. In fact, tech savvies would even go as far as to name the Genius Switch a breakthrough in the field. Let us summarize the main features that recommend the Wayne CDUCAP995 Sump Pump as a must have safety gadget for any respectable household.

Wayne CDUCAP995 Sump Pump

Features of Wayne CDUCAP995 Sump Pump

  • Given a ten feet lift, it can easily transport over 3.5 thousand gallons of water on an hourly basis
  • The design of the CDUCAP995 includes stainless-steel materials as well as cast iron components for enhanced resilience
  • Electrical power, cord based sump pump (115 Volts, 10 Amperes)
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Dimensions are 9.25 by 9.25 by 13.5 inches
  • The Wayne sump pump comes with an extended lifetime warranty
  • Its designated purpose is the withdrawal and relocation of clear water
  • Guaranteed to surpass the lifespan of other similar devices by five times
  • The impeller shaft of this pump has been designed from polycarbonate and has been reinforced using glass
  • Includes temperature overload failsafe
  • 3/4 horsepower, which is more than anyone will ever need
  • Mechanism does not include moving parts

Wayne CDUCAP995 Reputation

In essence, it is safe to say that this product is one of the sump pumps designed especially for households in climates where heavy storms are the regular cause of flooding, given the 3/4 horsepower which exceeds normal models by quite a bit. However, that does not imply that a home that does not experience floods on a regular basis could not benefit from its power to remove the water excess in rapid manner.

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It is necessary to highlight the fact that its design accounts for clear water primarily, so it should not be employed to get rid of debris and contaminants filled liquid, as one of the customers that purchased this model had to find out the hard way. Furthermore, as users of this Wayne sump pump noticed, even though it is powerful enough to relocate 4.6 thousand gallons at max, this device does not cause a lot of noise.


While a tad pricier than less powerful sump pumps, the CDUCAP995 has quickly earned its place in the hearts of homeowners who are not afraid to spend more in order to ensure that they are prepared in case of an emergency. In fact, this Wayne product packing up a 3/4 Horsepower and incorporating the Switch Genius Technology sump pump is one of the investments that you and your family will never regret in retrospective.

Flotec FPSC3250A Sump Pump

Worried about the basement of your home filling up with an excessive amount of water simply because the rain outside will not stop pouring or your pipelines sprung a leak? The Flotec FPSC3250A sump pump owner, as stated by many, is not worried at all! Although based on the ability of providing flood relief at a superior rate to many high priced models, the Flotec is quite accessible for both commercial and residential space owners and can be easily adapted to suit particular needs.

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It is fairly true that when it comes to corrosion, stainless steel pumps and plastic thermoplastic pumps are equally resilient, but in terms of overall robustness; the two materials cannot even begin to compare. Consequentially, enjoying a submersible sump pump for years to come is associated with purchasing a well-crafted and powerful Flotec model, such as the one that is being presented in this review. In essence, what guarantees that the FPSC3250A will have an extended lifespan is the combination between the cast iron material used in perfect combination with the stainless steel. Following, the main features of this product will be presented in a nutshell.

Flotec FPSC3250A

Features of Flotec FPSC3250A Sump Pump

  • This model can relocate water at a speed of exceeding 4.6 thousand gallons on an hourly basis
  • The water can be lifted at heights of maximum 28 feet
  • Very mobile sump pump, the extension cord measures 10 feet
  • The diameter of the discharge is 1 inch
  • Works even for the sumps that have a reduced diameter size, meaning less than 10 inches
  • This Flotec model weighs 23 pounds
  • The system is protected against overloading and requires 115 V
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty, indicating manufacturer’s confidence in its extended lifespan
  • The float switch of the sump pump is integrated in the construction in a vertical position
  • Extremely low noise level associated with its functioning
  • Very adept at handling solid matter without clogging

Flotec FPSC3250A Reputation

To detail a bit of what these specifications entail, 4.680 gallons at max is quite an impressive speed given that most of the common sump pumps on the market can provide water relocation capabilities between 3.3 and 4.4 thousand gallons on an hourly basis. An accelerated water suction and transportation on the other hand could be damaging for the pump if its construction would not allow it to handle small debris and dirt, because of clogging. On the other hand, the FPSC3250A model designed by Flotec can even be used for outdoor sumps, as one of the customers mentions.

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In addition to the resilient materials, a very good indicator for the well-optimized mechanism is the lack of noise during the time you operate it. More often than not, the noises are the result of vibration, meaning that the motor of the sump pump is not capable of running smoothly. However, many of the homeowners using this device have reported that it is incredibly silent and had it not been extracting and transporting the water, they would not even know it was working. While there had been one report of a malfunction of the shut-off valve, the sporadic nature of these incidents leads us to believe that the Flotec is a sturdy, powerful sump pump.


The Flotec FPSC3250A 1/2 HP sump pump is, to put it simply, one of the additions to a household as necessary as an efficient smoke alarm or secure a door lock. Sure, you can go with one of the less powerful sump pump versions, but when it is unable to do its job in an emergency, you will regret having saved a couple of dollars only to spend countless more on a water damage management company.

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

When you buy a water pump, you will be looking for first class performance and high quality durability. The Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump is an ideal solution for residential pumping needs and can be used in certain commercial environments when you need to pump out unwanted water.

This pump is designed to stand the test of time and comes as one of a range of pumps from this manufacturer that shares many of the same design characteristics. The manufacturers claim that this pump is the choice of many professionals including plumbers who use it to clear waste water and effluent and can work in a completely submerged configuration.

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It comes with a 9 foot power cable and has a 1/3 HP powerful motor. The motor is oil cooled that is able to deal effectively with any thermal peaks. In addition, this pump is CSA UK and SSPMA certified, as you would expect. The motor is housed in a cast iron shell and comes complete with a vortex impeller made of plastic.

Zoeller M53

Features of Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

  • Hardwearing switch case made of cast iron
  • Designed with no clog vortex impeller
  • Discharge and passes 2 inch round solids or 1.5 inch NPT matter
  • Shipping weight of 22.2 pounds
  • Dimensions 7.5 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches
  • 1/3 HP motor

Zoeller M53 Reputation

Whether you have a basement that is prone to leaking, should there be a heavy downpour or you need to drain your swimming pool when the water turns green, this is the pump for you. Consider that many professionals whose job is to drain unwanted water from clients’ premises carry this pump and swear by it to not cause them to disappoint their clients.

This pump is a quiet runner, in fact it is so quiet that you would not know it is operating. It is able to drain flooded areas and according to reviewers within a short period of time it will have left the area where it has been working completely dry. This pump is designed for long term use and as many reviewers like sump pump guides have owned the pump for a little more or less than a year, all they can say is that it has been working fine in that time.

The pump is able to be calibrated so that it maintains a constant water level. For example, you could set the pump to turn itself on when the water level reaches 8 inches and set it to turn itself off when the water level drops to 4 inches. This is an ideal feature when the pump is going to be installed in a drain that is at risk of overflowing, should there be a sudden increase in the amount of water caused, perhaps, by a heavy rain downpour.

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The pumping rate of Zoeller M53 is 43 gallons per minute and it can be used in tandem with a Zoeller model 507 as a backup unit. The 507 will give you a further pumping capacity of 23 gallons per minute. This is an ideal solution as the 507 runs on marine batteries giving total power of 12 volts. Should the mains power supply fail during a storm, the 507 can continue to provide emergency pumping until the power is restored and the principal pump can return and swing into action.


This is a pump that offers excellent power performance to price ratio and is extremely popular with professionals as well as private users alike. With this pump, you can expect many years of satisfactory use even if you need to use the pump frequently. Considering that many plumbers and drainage specialists rely on this pump, you can conclude that this is a first class quality product!

Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump

A quick look at most sump pump models in the affordable price range of the market will reveal that the vast majority of them are not equipped to handle and dispose solid waste properly. Consequentially, wastewater becomes a problem for many homeowners with a septic tank. The most probable consequence of using a sump pump inadequate for water with residues is that the device will become clogged and the additional strain put on the motor will cause it to short circuit, as you can read; it has happened in many reviews. However, rest assured that with the Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump, that will not be the case.

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Simply put, this Little Giant model is equally proficient in handling pure water resulted from a leakage in one of the feed pipes, rainwater with debris or waste water from the septic tank. In essence, it is what can be referred to as a multifunctional submersible sump pump equipped with powerful water relocation tools versatile enough to account for any circumstance.

Speaking of versatility, this model incorporates hose adapter as well as an inlet screen that can be removed. For the record, the design of the Little Giant 5.5-ASP pump enables it to function at depths of between 7 and 10 inches and it will automatically once the depth of the water is below 2 to 5 inches, according to the settings. A more summarized list of characteristics for the Little Giant sump pump will be presented below.

Little Giant 5.5-ASP

Features of Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump

  • Versatile, works for pure water, water filled with debris or wastewater equally well
  • Perfect for outdoors and indoors basement usage
  • Extremely quiet for such a powerful sump pump
  • The maximum dimension of solid materials that the Little Giant pump can manage is 3/8 inches
  • The dimension of the FNPT discharge is of 1-1/4 inches in diameter
  • The 5.5-ASP has 1/4 HP
  • The sump pump is seamlessly easy to clean and maintain
  • Electrically operated pump with an extension cord measuring 10 feet in length
  • Measures 6 by 8.9 by 10.8 inches
  • The pump alone weighs only 9.6 pounds
  • Very resilient construction materials, is expected to last well over ten years without any mechanical or electrical issue

Little Giant 5.5-ASP Reputation

In regards to what customers have to say about the 5.5-ASP sump pump, it is fair to point out that the resilience is probably its biggest quality. Essentially, being able to use a sump pump for over ten years may not apply to all brands, but it is definitely one of the main characteristics of the ones designed by Little Giant. The secret to the longevity of these pumps is that by design, they are quite capable of handling anything you throw at them, be it waste water or pure water. Consequentially, there is basically no improper way to use them, which means that malfunctions associated with pumping the wrong type of water, operating it in an inappropriate environment or not being able to clean its components entirely are inexistent.

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It has been argued that the model with the more extensive power cord, meaning 25 feet, accounts for more mobility. However, it is doubtful that you will need to operate the sump pump within more than 10 feet on a regular basis or cannot add an extension cord if the circumstances call for it, so this argument does not really change the fact that the Little Giant 5.5-ASP is an excellent pump.


Those who need to pump out rainwater with large quantities of debris or to clean their septic tank in order to avoid overflowing will really benefit a great deal from the powerful and practically silent Little Giant 5.5-ASP sump pump, as this is basically one of those cost effective investments made only every ten or fifteen years.

Wayne ESP25 Battery Back up Sump Pump System

Sump pumps are great devices to have around the home and will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in case of a flood emergency, but what do you do in case your electrical power decides to stop functioning when you need it the most? It is not unusual that you will be forced to turn off the power in the home in order to avoid electrocution. However, since you do not have the time to sit around while watching your home fill up with water, here is what you can do.

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Introducing the new Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System, just the thing you need to stop worrying about water damage in a power cut. The first thing you notice, based on the designated name of this device is that it operates on batteries as backup, which gives it extended flexibility and reduces the risk of short circuits.

Moreover, a quick look at the quantity of water that it can relocate on an hourly basis reveals a powerful sump pump capable of rivaling with just about any model on the modern market. Don’t worry though, the Wayne ESP25 sump pump does not cost an arm and a leg, which justifies its reputation as top seller. However, we’re sure that you want to see more about its actual characteristics, so here is a short list of what you would be getting on the purchase.

Wayne ESP25 Battery Back up

Features of Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System

  • Water relocation capabilities between 2.3 and 3.3 thousand gallons on an hourly basis
  • The ESP25 has a proprietary Reed switch, designed for even reduced crevasses and will not cause hang-ups
  • Constructed from very resilient thermoplastics, which are not vulnerable to corrosion
  • The backup system of this product will notify the homeowner that it has become active
  • Functions on either 40 or 75 Amps accumulators or via power cord, 3300 V
  • Adjustable to either 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower
  • Installing it does not entail performing substantial modifications to the current plumbing settings
  • Measures 9 by 16 by 10 inches
  • The ESP25 model weighs 13 pounds

Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System Reputation

One of the main pro factors for purchasing the ESP25 sump pump designed by Wayne is its efficiency compared to similar models of sump pumps. In essence, this model requires approximately 10 Amperes to function normally and since it tends to finish the task nearly four times faster than other backup models it is programmed to turn itself off right after.

Moreover, the system meant to keep the battery filled at all times while it is plugged in the DC power source will not withdraw current on a continuous manner, but rather requires a single pulse every ten seconds. The efficiency is one of the main characteristics of backup sump pumps, so the manufacturers at Wayne were right on the money with this model.

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Furthermore, in addition to the power efficiency, the ESP25 sump pump model can effectively get the job done much quicker, even when using the medium size accumulators or for less deep pits. In all fairness, even though users are not able to monitor how much lifespan the battery has left or whether it is time to replenish the acid quantity, it is still vastly superior to many of its counterparts.


The qualities that really recommend the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System are versatility, efficiency, functionality and resilience. In essence, whenever the power system or the main pump are no longer functioning and you need to make sure that the water is quickly evicted, the ESP25 will be there to help.

Zoeller M57 Sump Pump

For uncompromising pump performance at a highly aggressive price, the Zoeller M57 Sump Pump is well worth a close examination. Zoeller, an American manufacturer, has been producing high quality pumps for a number of years and this pump is one of the latest additions to their successful range. Zoeller is known by private, as well as advanced users, as a manufacturer of pumps that offer great levels of service and long term durability that are able to handle even the most demanding pumping requirements.

You can buy Zoeller M57 at discounted price with FREE shipping by clicking here.

This pump can be used in either one of two configurations, firstly as a submersible sump pump used for pumping out flooded compartments, effluent tanks and even swimming pools. Alternatively, the pump can be mounted on a float or used as a NEMA 6 submersible that is equipped with a two pole mechanical switch. It is also possible to select the long cycle variable level option for more economic running.

zoeller m57 sump pump

Features of Zoeller M57 Sump Pump

  • The pump has a 3/10 HP optimized motor
  • Full protection from thermal overload with automatic cut off is a standard feature
  • A NEMA 6 category float operated submersible complete with a 2 foot control pole
  • One year limited warranty that can be extended on additional payment to 3 years
  • Discharge capacity of 1.5 inches of NPT matter
  • UL/CSA approval and certification
  • Variable 115 volt power supply
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Can be bought by buyers in other countries

Zoeller M57 Sump Pump Reputation

If you ever though that your particular requirements for a reliable water pump would be almost unique, there will always be another reviewer who has an even more particular requirement. Some reviewers use these water pumps to take the water that is collected by the roof drains and gutters and carry it to the drains in the basement of their homes. From the basement drains, the water that can be full of debris from the garden including sand leaves and twigs, the pump needs to filter this debris before pumping the water out into the house waste drains. By any standards, this is a demanding environment for a pump.

Zoeller pumps, manufactured in the United States are trusted by their users to be able to meet this challenge. Many reviewers have previously used Zoeller pumps such as the successful Zoeller M53 to handle these demands. The configuration described above makes the pump work as a sump pump. As such it will be used frequently and tested to the limits. The good news for users of the M57 is that it has proved itself to be up to the job. One of the main reasons why users of this pump are satisfied is that it will be able to deal with small solids easily and is hard to cause it to block, as it deals with your pumping and draining needs.

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Reviewers have pointed out that it is a good idea to install a water alarm together with the pump that you buy for sump pumping. If the pump is left unattended and stops working for whatever reason, the water alarm will notify you immediately. You can check the pump and make the necessary repairs to get it working correctly again. The cost of this water alarm is only a few dollars, it may seem unnecessary with this first class water pump, but as some reviewers point out, it is better to be safe than sorry.


The pumps produced by Zoeller are regarded by the market as some of the best products in their category based on their price performance. This particular M57 model has been exactly the one that buyers looking for effective pumps that give years of service have been looking for. Well designed, extremely reliable and practically silent, it would be hard to find a superior pump at the same price point.

Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

Small and durable, the Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump is extremely powerful and has a strong frame. The pump can drain up to 30 gallons every minute with a vertical hose height of 25 feet. Constructed of hardwearing thermoplastic, this small pump can fit in an aperture as small as 6 inches in diameter. There are many applications for this pump including dealing with basements that have been flooded, broken pipe leakages. These pumps are suitable for use on the farm as well. This pump comes with a float so that it can be used in a sump pump configuration.

You can buy Superior Pump 91250 at discounted price with FREE shipping by clicking here.

The strong durable construction of this pump means that you can expect it to provide you with many years of satisfactory service. Thanks to its small form factor, this pump can be installed in even the most cramped conditions, the pumping capacity is ideal for most situations when you need to be able to pump water out quickly and efficiently.

Superior Pump 91250

Features of Superior Pump 91250

  • CSA and UL/CUL listed for guaranteed safety and highly dependable
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty
  • Complete user manual, handy adaptor for the hose and the utility pump
  • Pumps up to thirty gallons of water per minute
  • Clog resistant filter and 115v operating cooled motor
  • Pumps up to twenty five feet vertical height


This pump gets an overall excellent rating from the vast majority of those who have bought it. One of the key points in its favor is the large number of places it can be used and the various different drainage problems that it can solve. If for example you have a swimming pool where the water has turned green and it is also filled with fallen leaves and other garden debris, this pump is for you.
As reviewers point out that you could use a larger more expensive pump, this pump will do the draining job steadily and effectively. The pump comes with its own filter however if the water you are draining is full of debris you can make an effective additional filter of a bucket with holes to limit the amount of debris that hits the pump’s own filters.

Click here to check current pricing and availability.

Another advantage that sets this pump apart from others is that it will not suffer damage if the drainage area runs dry. While it is important to keep an eye on the pump and check the water level, you will not have to worry about the pump overheating and running the risk of seizing up, should it have no water to pump. This positive feature is available thanks to the pumps internal cooling system. On the con side, and it is difficult to find criticisms of this pump, the power cord is considered to be a bit inflexible particularly if you need to use the pump in cold weather conditions.

Setting this pump aside from many of its competitors is the minimum level of water that the pump can handle. While one critic claimed that it needed a minimum base water level of 1 inch, others have stated that it would work fine with just 1/8th of an inch of standing water.


Superior Pump 91250 can be considered an excellent buy at its price performance point. If you need a more heavy duty pump, prepare to spend more for one with a superior performance to this pump. However for everyday requirements, even acting as a back up to another pump such as a sump pump, you will find this pump hard to beat. Not only is its performance well above average, its flexibility and ability to be used in many different situations is also a real bonus!

Zoeller M98 Sump Pump

The Zoeller M98 follows the standard design techniques of this pump manufacturer; it comes with the strong long lasting cast iron pump motor and housing. It is ideal for use in a sump/effluent configuration. For reliability, it contains and iron switch case and is mounted on a hardwearing and durable cast iron base. Like other Zoeller models, this pump uses the highly successful vortex impeller made of plastic. In order to keep the unit is good working condition regardless of harsh environments; this pump comes with an epoxy corrosion resistant powder finish.

Zoeller M98

You can buy Zoeller M98 at discounted price with FREE shipping by clicking here.

Great attention has been paid in construction to make sure that there are no sheet metal components that could run the risk of rusting up and there are no screens that could clog easily and cause the pump to break down. This pump can run hot with no fear of the motor seizing, thanks to the oil lubricated upper and lower bearings. In fact operating temperatures of up to 130®F are fully supported. Each unit is fully factory tested prior to shipping to ensure that the pump is working 100% satisfactorily.

Features of Zoeller M98

  • A NEMA 6 category float operated submersible complete with a 2 foot control pole
  • A mixed carbon and ceramic shaft seal
  • Discharge capacity of 1.5 inches of NPT matter
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Dimensions 10.2 inches wide x 12 inches high
  • Variable 115 volt power supply


Many reviewers give this pump a solid thumbs up, one referred to it as being like a Cadillac, if it were an automobile. The biggest criticism of this pump has nothing to do with the product itself, but rather the appalling unprofessional service provided by some of its resellers. Perhaps the bad resellers put the pump through a thorough destruction test to see if the pump will break. Fortunately in most cases, they will fail, this speaks volumes about the robust strength of this pump.

Users were pleased to be able to buy a pump that is manufactured in the USA; their only criticism is that the manufacturers do not highlight this point more in their advertising material. Those reviewers who did extensive research before making the decision which pump to buy opted for the Zoeller M98 when they needed a more powerful model than the M53. Despite being heavy and often packaged in completely inadequate packaging, for many owners; the pump arrived safely in one piece. This range of pumps is known for their extremely silent operation. In fact, reviewers have said that you would need to stand next to the pump or see the water being pumped out to know that it is actually at work.

Click here to check current pricing and availability.

The pump motor is also well regarded; with a ½ HP motor for this pump, according to reviewers, has a better performance than a ¾ HP motor from rival manufacturers. If the one year warranty is too short for you, you can contact the manufacturer Zoeller and buy a 3 year warranty for a small payment.

Some reviewers bought this pump because they were worried about hurricane flooding damage. Those who experienced flooding were extremely satisfied as the pump performed well and easily deal with all the floodwater that the hurricane could throw at them. The ½ HO motor easily rises up to the job expected of it. As one reviewer correctly commented, the cost for the pump was well below the possible costs that could have been incurred for flood damage.


All in all, Zoeller M98 Sump Pump is both powerful and durable; the fact that the warranty can be extended to 3 years stands the pump in good stead. Users have been fully satisfied with its performance and the strong practical design. Overall if you decide to invest in a more powerful pump, this one should be your priority choice!