Flotec FPSC3250A Sump Pump

Worried about the basement of your home filling up with an excessive amount of water simply because the rain outside will not stop pouring or your pipelines sprung a leak? The Flotec FPSC3250A sump pump owner, as stated by many, is not worried at all! Although based on the ability of providing flood relief at a superior rate to many high priced models, the Flotec is quite accessible for both commercial and residential space owners and can be easily adapted to suit particular needs.

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It is fairly true that when it comes to corrosion, stainless steel pumps and plastic thermoplastic pumps are equally resilient, but in terms of overall robustness; the two materials cannot even begin to compare. Consequentially, enjoying a submersible sump pump for years to come is associated with purchasing a well-crafted and powerful Flotec model, such as the one that is being presented in this review. In essence, what guarantees that the FPSC3250A will have an extended lifespan is the combination between the cast iron material used in perfect combination with the stainless steel. Following, the main features of this product will be presented in a nutshell.

Flotec FPSC3250A

Features of Flotec FPSC3250A Sump Pump

  • This model can relocate water at a speed of exceeding 4.6 thousand gallons on an hourly basis
  • The water can be lifted at heights of maximum 28 feet
  • Very mobile sump pump, the extension cord measures 10 feet
  • The diameter of the discharge is 1 inch
  • Works even for the sumps that have a reduced diameter size, meaning less than 10 inches
  • This Flotec model weighs 23 pounds
  • The system is protected against overloading and requires 115 V
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty, indicating manufacturer’s confidence in its extended lifespan
  • The float switch of the sump pump is integrated in the construction in a vertical position
  • Extremely low noise level associated with its functioning
  • Very adept at handling solid matter without clogging

Flotec FPSC3250A Reputation

To detail a bit of what these specifications entail, 4.680 gallons at max is quite an impressive speed given that most of the common sump pumps on the market can provide water relocation capabilities between 3.3 and 4.4 thousand gallons on an hourly basis. An accelerated water suction and transportation on the other hand could be damaging for the pump if its construction would not allow it to handle small debris and dirt, because of clogging. On the other hand, the FPSC3250A model designed by Flotec can even be used for outdoor sumps, as one of the customers mentions.

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In addition to the resilient materials, a very good indicator for the well-optimized mechanism is the lack of noise during the time you operate it. More often than not, the noises are the result of vibration, meaning that the motor of the sump pump is not capable of running smoothly. However, many of the homeowners using this device have reported that it is incredibly silent and had it not been extracting and transporting the water, they would not even know it was working. While there had been one report of a malfunction of the shut-off valve, the sporadic nature of these incidents leads us to believe that the Flotec is a sturdy, powerful sump pump.


The Flotec FPSC3250A 1/2 HP sump pump is, to put it simply, one of the additions to a household as necessary as an efficient smoke alarm or secure a door lock. Sure, you can go with one of the less powerful sump pump versions, but when it is unable to do its job in an emergency, you will regret having saved a couple of dollars only to spend countless more on a water damage management company.