Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump

A quick look at most sump pump models in the affordable price range of the market will reveal that the vast majority of them are not equipped to handle and dispose solid waste properly. Consequentially, wastewater becomes a problem for many homeowners with a septic tank. The most probable consequence of using a sump pump inadequate for water with residues is that the device will become clogged and the additional strain put on the motor will cause it to short circuit, as you can read; it has happened in many reviews. However, rest assured that with theĀ Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump, that will not be the case.

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Simply put, this Little Giant model is equally proficient in handling pure water resulted from a leakage in one of the feed pipes, rainwater with debris or waste water from the septic tank. In essence, it is what can be referred to as a multifunctional submersible sump pump equipped with powerful water relocation tools versatile enough to account for any circumstance.

Speaking of versatility, this model incorporates hose adapter as well as an inlet screen that can be removed. For the record, the design of the Little Giant 5.5-ASP pump enables it to function at depths of between 7 and 10 inches and it will automatically once the depth of the water is below 2 to 5 inches, according to the settings. A more summarized list of characteristics for the Little Giant sump pump will be presented below.

Little Giant 5.5-ASP

Features of Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump

  • Versatile, works for pure water, water filled with debris or wastewater equally well
  • Perfect for outdoors and indoors basement usage
  • Extremely quiet for such a powerful sump pump
  • The maximum dimension of solid materials that the Little Giant pump can manage is 3/8 inches
  • The dimension of the FNPT discharge is of 1-1/4 inches in diameter
  • The 5.5-ASP has 1/4 HP
  • The sump pump is seamlessly easy to clean and maintain
  • Electrically operated pump with an extension cord measuring 10 feet in length
  • Measures 6 by 8.9 by 10.8 inches
  • The pump alone weighs only 9.6 pounds
  • Very resilient construction materials, is expected to last well over ten years without any mechanical or electrical issue

Little Giant 5.5-ASP Reputation

In regards to what customers have to say about the 5.5-ASP sump pump, it is fair to point out that the resilience is probably its biggest quality. Essentially, being able to use a sump pump for over ten years may not apply to all brands, but it is definitely one of the main characteristics of the ones designed by Little Giant. The secret to the longevity of these pumps is that by design, they are quite capable of handling anything you throw at them, be it waste water or pure water. Consequentially, there is basically no improper way to use them, which means that malfunctions associated with pumping the wrong type of water, operating it in an inappropriate environment or not being able to clean its components entirely are inexistent.

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It has been argued that the model with the more extensive power cord, meaning 25 feet, accounts for more mobility. However, it is doubtful that you will need to operate the sump pump within more than 10 feet on a regular basis or cannot add an extension cord if the circumstances call for it, so this argument does not really change the fact that the Little Giant 5.5-ASP is an excellent pump.


Those who need to pump out rainwater with large quantities of debris or to clean their septic tank in order to avoid overflowing will really benefit a great deal from the powerful and practically silentĀ Little Giant 5.5-ASP sump pump, as this is basically one of those cost effective investments made only every ten or fifteen years.