Wayne ESP25 Battery Back up Sump Pump System

Sump pumps are great devices to have around the home and will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in case of a flood emergency, but what do you do in case your electrical power decides to stop functioning when you need it the most? It is not unusual that you will be forced to turn off the power in the home in order to avoid electrocution. However, since you do not have the time to sit around while watching your home fill up with water, here is what you can do.

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Introducing the new Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System, just the thing you need to stop worrying about water damage in a power cut. The first thing you notice, based on the designated name of this device is that it operates on batteries as backup, which gives it extended flexibility and reduces the risk of short circuits.

Moreover, a quick look at the quantity of water that it can relocate on an hourly basis reveals a powerful sump pump capable of rivaling with just about any model on the modern market. Don’t worry though, the Wayne ESP25 sump pump does not cost an arm and a leg, which justifies its reputation as top seller. However, we’re sure that you want to see more about its actual characteristics, so here is a short list of what you would be getting on the purchase.

Wayne ESP25 Battery Back up

Features of Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System

  • Water relocation capabilities between 2.3 and 3.3 thousand gallons on an hourly basis
  • The ESP25 has a proprietary Reed switch, designed for even reduced crevasses and will not cause hang-ups
  • Constructed from very resilient thermoplastics, which are not vulnerable to corrosion
  • The backup system of this product will notify the homeowner that it has become active
  • Functions on either 40 or 75 Amps accumulators or via power cord, 3300 V
  • Adjustable to either 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower
  • Installing it does not entail performing substantial modifications to the current plumbing settings
  • Measures 9 by 16 by 10 inches
  • The ESP25 model weighs 13 pounds

Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System Reputation

One of the main pro factors for purchasing the ESP25 sump pump designed by Wayne is its efficiency compared to similar models of sump pumps. In essence, this model requires approximately 10 Amperes to function normally and since it tends to finish the task nearly four times faster than other backup models it is programmed to turn itself off right after.

Moreover, the system meant to keep the battery filled at all times while it is plugged in the DC power source will not withdraw current on a continuous manner, but rather requires a single pulse every ten seconds. The efficiency is one of the main characteristics of backup sump pumps, so the manufacturers at Wayne were right on the money with this model.

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Furthermore, in addition to the power efficiency, the ESP25 sump pump model can effectively get the job done much quicker, even when using the medium size accumulators or for less deep pits. In all fairness, even though users are not able to monitor how much lifespan the battery has left or whether it is time to replenish the acid quantity, it is still vastly superior to many of its counterparts.


The qualities that really recommend the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System are versatility, efficiency, functionality and resilience. In essence, whenever the power system or the main pump are no longer functioning and you need to make sure that the water is quickly evicted, the ESP25 will be there to help.