Zoeller M57 Sump Pump

For uncompromising pump performance at a highly aggressive price, the Zoeller M57 Sump Pump is well worth a close examination. Zoeller, an American manufacturer, has been producing high quality pumps for a number of years and this pump is one of the latest additions to their successful range. Zoeller is known by private, as well as advanced users, as a manufacturer of pumps that offer great levels of service and long term durability that are able to handle even the most demanding pumping requirements.

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This pump can be used in either one of two configurations, firstly as a submersible sump pump used for pumping out flooded compartments, effluent tanks and even swimming pools. Alternatively, the pump can be mounted on a float or used as a NEMA 6 submersible that is equipped with a two pole mechanical switch. It is also possible to select the long cycle variable level option for more economic running.

zoeller m57 sump pump

Features of Zoeller M57 Sump Pump

  • The pump has a 3/10 HP optimized motor
  • Full protection from thermal overload with automatic cut off is a standard feature
  • A NEMA 6 category float operated submersible complete with a 2 foot control pole
  • One year limited warranty that can be extended on additional payment to 3 years
  • Discharge capacity of 1.5 inches of NPT matter
  • UL/CSA approval and certification
  • Variable 115 volt power supply
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Can be bought by buyers in other countries

Zoeller M57 Sump Pump Reputation

If you ever though that your particular requirements for a reliable water pump would be almost unique, there will always be another reviewer who has an even more particular requirement. Some reviewers use these water pumps to take the water that is collected by the roof drains and gutters and carry it to the drains in the basement of their homes. From the basement drains, the water that can be full of debris from the garden including sand leaves and twigs, the pump needs to filter this debris before pumping the water out into the house waste drains. By any standards, this is a demanding environment for a pump.

Zoeller pumps, manufactured in the United States are trusted by their users to be able to meet this challenge. Many reviewers have previously used Zoeller pumps such as the successful Zoeller M53 to handle these demands. The configuration described above makes the pump work as a sump pump. As such it will be used frequently and tested to the limits. The good news for users of the M57 is that it has proved itself to be up to the job. One of the main reasons why users of this pump are satisfied is that it will be able to deal with small solids easily and is hard to cause it to block, as it deals with your pumping and draining needs.

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Reviewers have pointed out that it is a good idea to install a water alarm together with the pump that you buy for sump pumping. If the pump is left unattended and stops working for whatever reason, the water alarm will notify you immediately. You can check the pump and make the necessary repairs to get it working correctly again. The cost of this water alarm is only a few dollars, it may seem unnecessary with this first class water pump, but as some reviewers point out, it is better to be safe than sorry.


The pumps produced by Zoeller are regarded by the market as some of the best products in their category based on their price performance. This particular M57 model has been exactly the one that buyers looking for effective pumps that give years of service have been looking for. Well designed, extremely reliable and practically silent, it would be hard to find a superior pump at the same price point.