Zoeller M98 Sump Pump

The Zoeller M98 follows the standard design techniques of this pump manufacturer; it comes with the strong long lasting cast iron pump motor and housing. It is ideal for use in a sump/effluent configuration. For reliability, it contains and iron switch case and is mounted on a hardwearing and durable cast iron base. Like other Zoeller models, this pump uses the highly successful vortex impeller made of plastic. In order to keep the unit is good working condition regardless of harsh environments; this pump comes with an epoxy corrosion resistant powder finish.

Zoeller M98

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Great attention has been paid in construction to make sure that there are no sheet metal components that could run the risk of rusting up and there are no screens that could clog easily and cause the pump to break down. This pump can run hot with no fear of the motor seizing, thanks to the oil lubricated upper and lower bearings. In fact operating temperatures of up to 130®F are fully supported. Each unit is fully factory tested prior to shipping to ensure that the pump is working 100% satisfactorily.

Features of Zoeller M98

  • A NEMA 6 category float operated submersible complete with a 2 foot control pole
  • A mixed carbon and ceramic shaft seal
  • Discharge capacity of 1.5 inches of NPT matter
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Dimensions 10.2 inches wide x 12 inches high
  • Variable 115 volt power supply


Many reviewers give this pump a solid thumbs up, one referred to it as being like a Cadillac, if it were an automobile. The biggest criticism of this pump has nothing to do with the product itself, but rather the appalling unprofessional service provided by some of its resellers. Perhaps the bad resellers put the pump through a thorough destruction test to see if the pump will break. Fortunately in most cases, they will fail, this speaks volumes about the robust strength of this pump.

Users were pleased to be able to buy a pump that is manufactured in the USA; their only criticism is that the manufacturers do not highlight this point more in their advertising material. Those reviewers who did extensive research before making the decision which pump to buy opted for the Zoeller M98 when they needed a more powerful model than the M53. Despite being heavy and often packaged in completely inadequate packaging, for many owners; the pump arrived safely in one piece. This range of pumps is known for their extremely silent operation. In fact, reviewers have said that you would need to stand next to the pump or see the water being pumped out to know that it is actually at work.

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The pump motor is also well regarded; with a ½ HP motor for this pump, according to reviewers, has a better performance than a ¾ HP motor from rival manufacturers. If the one year warranty is too short for you, you can contact the manufacturer Zoeller and buy a 3 year warranty for a small payment.

Some reviewers bought this pump because they were worried about hurricane flooding damage. Those who experienced flooding were extremely satisfied as the pump performed well and easily deal with all the floodwater that the hurricane could throw at them. The ½ HO motor easily rises up to the job expected of it. As one reviewer correctly commented, the cost for the pump was well below the possible costs that could have been incurred for flood damage.


All in all, Zoeller M98 Sump Pump is both powerful and durable; the fact that the warranty can be extended to 3 years stands the pump in good stead. Users have been fully satisfied with its performance and the strong practical design. Overall if you decide to invest in a more powerful pump, this one should be your priority choice!